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We’re hiring a producer / tuottajaa tarvitaan!

Our producer Wilhelmina riding from a meeting in a theatre to another in Copenhagen. Photo: Second Theatre.

Are you an experienced theatre, film, TV, or commercials producer? We need you full-time for at least mid-December – end of July 2024, but you can start part-time earlier, and permanent employment may be an option, too.

Your main task is to run the production of video recordings of theatre plays. So, we expect that you have hands-on experience doing multiple productions in parallel with several partners. That's the most important thing. Experience in film/video/VR will help a lot.

Excellent communication, people, and negotiation skills are needed to build partnerships with theatres, production companies, freelancers, universities, platform companies, governments, and care institutions. Experience in making contracts and grant applications is a big plus.

The curating of plays and negotiations with theatres are going on already. The productions happen mainly in Finland, Germany, Sweden, and possibly other countries such as the UK, Netherlands, France, and Spain. You’re fluent in at least Finnish and English languages.

You are interested in and respect theatre and culture in general, but you also understand how businesses work. You are not afraid of future technologies. To give you an idea, our thing is VR and stereoscopic capturing, and our app for Oculus is built with a game engine called Unity.

This is a substitute position for six months in our government-funded project of building a library of plays. The company is a startup, so permanent employment will depend on both you and future funding.

Second Theatre records theatre plays for viewing with its own app on VR goggles. We have made 13 pilot recordings in four countries and aim to launch a service like Netflix and Spotify within the following year. The team works mainly remotely from their homes in the Helsinki area and Berlin.

Please send a CV and a motivation letter by Monday, October 9th to Head of Productions Wilhelmina Sederholm,

For more information, you can call CEO Erkki Izarra at +358 40 358 1014 every Monday and Friday from 14-15 Finnish time.


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