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Early access version is out now!

We have just launched the very first early access version of our app. Anybody from any corner of the world can now buy tickets to Hairdressers by The Finnish National Theatre and enjoy the most premium VR theatre experience ever.

We’re taking our first Bambi steps and welcome test users to try the experience. We have a 90 % beta discount for a limited time to make it an easy commitment.

If you have a Meta Quest 2 or 3 headset, you're welcome to sit back, relax, and enjoy a tragicomedy about three women striving for a better future (and a decent handyman).

It’s for people who need money, get haircuts, laugh, cry, argue with their family, realize that life is hard, realize that life is wonderful, have unclogged a toilet.

Follow this quick link to our app

Hairdressers by The Finnish National Theatre starring Maria Kuusiluoma, Katariina Kaitue, Sari Puumalainen and Petri Liski (not in picture). Photo: The Finnish National Theatre.


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