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Where can I try the Second Theatre app?
The Second Theatre beta app is now available in Meta App Lab. You can also use shortcut to find it.  If you want a demo to try future features and showreel, please contact us at

What equipment do I need to use the app?
In order to watch a theatre show with the Second Theatre app, users only need a pair of Meta Quest 2 or 3 goggles.

Can I watch the Second Theatre shows on other devices?
The theatre shows can only be played using VR glasses. 

Can I watch the shows in different languages?
The language of the theatre shows always stays in its original form. Users can choose subtitles if they are not familiar with the language spoken by the actors.


Can I watch the shows offline?
Users can watch downloaded theatre shows also if they are offline. 


How can I provide feedback or report technical issues?
We always encourage our users to share their feedback with us. For all inquiries, relevant contact information can be found on the “Contact” page. 


Are there any special requirements for internet connection speed?
Please notice that it is recommended to use the Second Theatre VR app with a high-speed Internet connection. 100 Mbps or faster connection is recommended to be able to seamlessly enjoy our premium quality videos.


What to do if the video download takes too long?
If the Internet connection is slower than recommended, it might take a while to buffer the video content before you can start watching. In that case, you can either wait or choose to lower the video quality. The quality can be changed in the Gallery menu (open it by clicking the gear icon on the top-right corner).

Can I invite friends to watch shows with me in virtual reality?
Yes, users can watch theatre shows with friends and talk in real time. 


When will the Second Theatre app be published?
The Second Theatre VR app beta launch date is Nov 15th 2023.



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