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Immersive Tech Week in Rotterdam

Immersive Tech Week founder Benjamin de Wit trying Second Theatre demo in his event. Photo: Second Theatre.

For the veterans of tech and startup events, Immersive Tech Week 2022 in Rotterdam was a breath of fresh air. No other event has such a diverse set of attendants, speakers, and performers from different fields representing a spectrum of nationalities, ethnicities, and genders.

Finding the event was an extraordinary coincidence. The founder Benjamin de Wit gave us a flyer, yes, a printed piece of paper, at the Opera Beyond event in Helsinki. At the event in Rotterdam, we finally presented our demo to Benjamin.

For the people in the VR scene, the event was a superb boost for confidence. It brought together like-minded people who are progressing in various fields. You’re not alone. VR will be, sooner or later, an actual reality. Keep pushing!

Photo: Erkki Izarra / Second Theatre

Albert “Skip” Rizzo is the lead researcher at the Institute for Medical Virtual Reality in University of Southern California. According to him VR is struggling with the hype curve, while actual impact is strating to emerge. He presented real-life use cases in medicine at the speed of a machine gun.


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