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Experience theatre like in a theatre

Get ready for the world's most realistic VR theatre


Our Mission


New audiences for theatres

We want to make theatre more popular. It's a three-thousand-year-young art form that is finally about to find its way to people in a digital format. 

Our idea is not to replace theatre but create a "Second Theatre" that is virtual. It will bring theatre to those who missed ticket sales and those who can't go because of their hectic life, health, age, or distance. 

For example, Berlin is famous for its theatres, but for most of us theatre fans, it's too far and too Deutsch. With Second Theatre, you can become a fan in a second.


People are hungry for culture

Culture is like food; we can't live without it, and when it's good, we are happy to pay for it. In New York, people buy more tickets to theatre than to all of New York's and New Jeresey's Major League sports matches combined. Yes, that's more than basketball, football, baseball, and ice hockey together.

By harnessing 3D VR technology, we unlock access to people seeking  cultural entertainment. It means new revenues to theatres whose ticket sales are limited to the amount of seats. 

Spotify changed how we consume music. Netflix did it for films and series. Podcasts made talk radio more popular than ever. Second Theatre creates a platform that blends the magic of theatre with the virtual realm.

3D VR can replicate theatre experience better than any previous way of recording. How do we know that? Because we have built a custom 3D camera rig, recorded plays in several countries, developed an app, and experienced it with VR headsets. 

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