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The most premium
VR theatre experience

Premium Content

We have recorded plays in the most prestigious European theatres, including Royal and National theatres and the most interesting independent theatres. Our opening act is a play by the Finnish National Theatre.

Premium Hardware

We have an app for Meta Quest 2 and 3 goggles. We choose the most popular and easy-to-use headsets with the best image quality and immersive experience. We avoid, for example, headsets that need external computers and cords.

Premium Capturing

We record in 3D with movie-grade cameras from manufacturers, including ARRI and RED. The three-dimensional illusion is what makes our experience so immersive.

Premium Accessibility

We are the only international VR theatre with subtitles for enjoying plays in languages you don’t speak and for hearing aids. We combine 3D video with a 3D model of a theatre where you can choose seats, adjust lights, and, in the future, go to the theatre with friends as avatars.


Our mission

New audiences for theatres


Our mission is to create new audiences for theatre and to preserve it for future generations. 

Our idea is not to replace theatre but to develop a "Second Theatre" that is virtual. It will bring theatre to those who missed ticket sales and those who can't go because of their hectic life, health, age, or distance. 

For example, Berlin is famous for its theatres, but for most of us theatre fans, it's too far and too much in Deutsch. With Second Theatre, you can become a fan in a second.

The beginnings

Second Theatre's founder, Erkki Izarra, got the idea in 2015 when he worked as a Global Director at Microsoft. He had the chance to try an early VR experience. On that virtual mountaintop, his first thought was, "Hey, this could be the way to re-live theatre."

Later, he gathered a team of VR pros from Donkey Hotel. They made a test recording in KOM Theatre, and it was mindblowing. Erkki still gets goosebumps every time he tells how they fired up the first demo with Varjo goggles in Varjo's first office.

Why did Erkki get the idea? Because his mother, Anneli, and sister, Elina, are both Theatre Directors. Today, Elina still writes and directs plays – and curates content for Second Theatre. Unfortunately, Elina and Erkki never saw the plays their mother directed because they were too young.

This brings us to the second part of our mission. Second Theatre not only creates new audiences for theatres but also records it for future generations. 

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